Staying Informed of Important Items

This tip is all about making sure you are kept informed about updates, changes and information related to the 60Plus League. There are 2 Steps to be sure this works for you.

We suggest that you have a look at the following screenshots and check to be certain you are Following at least the General Category in our Forum. Of course you might find it of interest to follow others but we really hope you make sure that you are a follower of the General one.

This is the place that the League Admins will post any significant changes that may be occurring within the League.  In many cases the information will also be posted in our iRacing forum and on Facebook but we just want to be certain League Members do not miss the opportunity to be up to date.  When you follow categories you will receive a notification when an item is posted.

The procedures for the 2 Steps follow:


STEP 1 (3 screenshots)


Here we have a screen shot of our current Discussions found under the Forum tab on the menu bar.

This shot is from my computer so you will see that I am following all four of the current categories.

Note that the Racing Discussion Category is for Members only but all the others are open to anyone.

As mentioned our admins will post important information in the General one so be sure you are following it.

This shot is a current picture of the General Category itself

At the time this tip was created Mark Lison had made an important post about new times for the K&N Series for the remainder of the season as well as a one time change for the Pro Mazda race at the Nurb.

If you were following the category you would have recieved an email letting you know an important post had been made on our website.


Here is how to follow a category just in case you did not know how to do it. This last shot in Step 1 shows the red arrow pointing to the three dots on the General Category Page. Click that and a window opens allowing you to either select or deselect the Category. Once you are following it you are good to go for any and all updates and now you just need to make sure your Profile is set up to receive email updates from the forum. Have a look at Step 2

Step 2

a)  Log-in and select the arrow next to your icon click on profile

b) Select Settings


c) Scroll down to Email Notifications and be certain to check Notify me about forum updates

That's it, you will now be certain to receive notifications of any updates to the General Forum.   See you on the track!