Another Chapter in the BMW Story

I should back up a little and explain why we were in such a hurry to get to a Trans-Am race. Back in the early 70's the IRS would allow a tax deduction for business expenses. A business could write off expenses for 5 years. After that it would have to show a profit or stop using the deductions.

So we formed a company called Bright Raven Racing. Don't ask me it was Bert's idea.

It was registered in California and had a resale number and all the trimmings.

So even though Bert did not have a National license we entered the under 2.5 part of the Trans-Am at Riverside in 1971. We asked around and another friend recommended Jeff Kline for the driver. He was fast and more to come about him.

He practiced the car and qualified about where we should towards the back. We finished 11th 2 laps down. The car was under powered and Jeff drive it so that we were able to finish without a pit stop. His stated reason was that he was afraid we would set the car on fire if we tried. After the race we discovered that we had a blow-by problem causing the engine to pump oil out the filler cap. The side of the car was covered in oil the inside of the front was covered, the pedals were covered as well as Jeff's feet! It was a tremendous job to bring the thing home at all. The next installment moves to 1972.