Daytona 1978

A friend and I towed the 65 and 66 Ferrari 365's of Bobby Carradine and Dan Ward to Daytona for the 24hrs. So many stories to go with this. The Ward car had custom body work and never made it through tech. The 65 car ran fine. The primarily Italian crew knew just what to bring. A big box of brake pads and a transaxle. We stooged around helping set up during the week then worked the signal pits for the race. Getting in position late we were at the far left end of the area. As darkness set in people moved further away from the guard rail towards the track to be seen by their drivers. Being on the far end we were very close to the track. Imagine a sign board and a flashlight at 3AM. One smart thing we did was load the rental truck with some Coors. Came in handy when we shared with the Goodyear guys early in the week. Got us passes for the lounge which had the only heated bathrooms in the facility. I remember they asked us to go to the airport in the truck to pick up a late arrival on the Friday I think. We got there and one of the other crew guys was already there. They had forgotten they had a rental car. But Bondurant was there and his lift hadn't showed up so we took him to the track. When we were helping load up after the race we ran across an impact. One of the guys said he wished he had remembered it in the night. They had changed the transaxle with hand tools. One more thing. The Jolly Team Ferrari's had been shipped in connex boxes and were on a flatbed trailer in the paddock. No way to get them off. So I said we can use our truck and ramps. The ramps were too short so we rolled the car across the ramps to the rental then down to the ground. The ramps bent quite a bit so I took a floor jack and a 4x4 and braced the center of the ramps to get the cars to the rental. Some of the guys had never seen a jack like that. Fun time.

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