Driving your spare parts to the track

I think it was a Playboy 12hr at Willow. The one that started in the evening and ran till morning. In any case we towed a Camaro SS car over there to run. I told them to rent a Camaro before we left. One of the guys did, had to beg for it because they said it was high mileage and due to be sol. So we parked it in the pits and put it up on stands. We knew we would run out of brakes in 12 hrs. We pulled the brakes off the rental and set them up. Did the change in the middle of the night and after the race took the car back to the rental agency. Slowly and carefully as there were NO brakes to speak of.

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Just posted this on FB but thought it would be OK here: They asked Danny to run a SCCA drivers school before racing the F5000 that he had built up. He ran it at Willow and I was proud to sign him off

Many years ago I was updating a performance catalog for BMW performance parts I was describing the positive attributes for one part Decreased ride height Decreased body roll Improved aerodynamics Incr