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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Pit Straight Located at the base of the Mount, what makes Pit Straight interesting is that the finish line is not the same as the start line. This is because if they were the same spot on the Straight, the race would be 1000.293 kms, not the famous 1000. It also allows fewer cars to line up around a corner before the green light.

Hell Corner So named because of the crashes it's seen, Hell corner is the first of 23 bends along the track. It is believed there once was a tree stump at the corner, before the days of barricades, and that motorbike riders who dropped their bikes on the corner would be fatally injured and on his way to Hell.

Mountain Straight A scenic, yet tremendously fast way to ascend the Mountain, Mountain Straight allows cars to reach speeds of up to 250km/h. Mountain Straight is 1.111kms long.

Griffins Bend Named after the Mayor of Bathurst who opened the track to racing in 1938, Griffins bend has claimed many an eager driver screaming off Mountain Straight. This corner provides a negatively-cambered road which tests drivers to their limits.

The Cutting The Cutting gets its name from the obvious: the track is cut into the rock of the mountain. It provides drivers with a 1:6 gradient exit at the top, and is one of the tightest corners on the track. Overtaking is virtually impossible here, though that doesn't stop drivers from trying. It is very hard to recover from spins due to the gradient and closeness of the walls.

Reid Park / Sulman Park / McPhillamy Park The track between The Cutting and Skyline are referred to for the parks that surround them. This is where the die-hards camp for the week leading up to the Great Race, and even with the sounds of the cars, it is said their cheers and jeers can be heard by the drivers. Sulman Park has the highest point of the track, topping out at 862m above sea level. Sulman merges to McPhillamy, which is the site of the long-stay camping ground, seeing fans hunker down for over a week before the on-track events begin.