Training with Purpose

Some of the exerts here are from the book "Peak" - How To Master Almost Anything by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool.

A quote from the introduction:

"The right sort of practice carried out over a sufficient period of time leads to improvement. Nothing else."

What is fascinating about this book and how it may relate to our interest in the IRacing Simulation is that the book's premise is all about "purposeful practice".

Perhaps this is best explained by quoting the author's:

"Expert performers develop their extraordinary abilities through years and years of dedicated practice, improving step by step in a long, laborious process. There are no shortcuts. Various sorts of practice can be effective, but the most effective of all is deliberate practice. Deliberate practice takes advantage of the natural adaptability of the human brain and body to create new abilities. Most of these abilities are created with the help of detailed mental representations, which allow us to analyze and respond to situations much more effectively than we could otherwise."

Our IRacing 60Plus league is composed of member's over the age of 60. I remember the founder, Donald Strout, writing about our diminishing ability to perform at peak performance as we age. We simply cannot compete as we did when we were younger.  So our league puts those who are over 60 together in the attempt to level the playing field somewhat. If Donald reads this post perhaps he can supply some information on his source material as I cannot remember it.  I did find his reflections very interesting as it made sense from my own observations. I am sure we have all observed that athletes in other fields seldom remain at peak performance beyond a certain age.  We witness this in automobile racing as well. 

We all enjoy the racing however and most of us wish to perform to the best of our ability. What the book Peak states is we all can get better. It is simply a matter of practice. We won't perform at the level of those much younger but we can do very well by deliberate or purposeful practice. 

Deliberate practice is not just practice. It is deliberately examining our performance, analyzing it and trying to improve a little at a time.  An example of this would be to use some telemetry logging device like VRS, Z1 dashboard, MoTeC, Atlas or iSpeed. With tools like this available if we take the time to do some purposeful practice we can all improve our performance.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts about this.

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