Way past time for another story

This is a story about when I was crewing on a BMW B/S for a guy named Bert Hornback. We had met as Observers. He was a guy from Kentucky who had an engineering degree from Purdue. He was working for one of the aircraft plants in southern california.

In any case he wanted to race and I knew of a BMW that was raced and might be for sale. The only way the owner would sell if was if he could find a street 67 BMW to drive. I had a 67 1600 so we used it to make the deal. I bought a VW to drive to work. Everyone in Calif wanted a 67 model import because there was no smog control and you could modify the car as you wished.

The first issue was preparing the car. We rented a shop in Orange and started in on the car. The engine needed a rebuild and Bert was in a hurry to get to drivers school. So we pulled the engine and started on it. We soon discovered that there wasn't enough time so we searched for a different way. We heard a mutual friend was working at a dealership in the San Fernando Valley that had an idea.

We loaded the car up and drove to the Valley on a Friday night. That was about 2 hours. We found a wrecked 2002 there that was the target. 3 of us removed the engine from the 2002 and put it in the race car. We drove directly to Riverside and ran the school on Sat and Sun. Stock engines are actually better for a school as there is nothing to worry about with them. Sunday evening we loaded up and drove the two hours back to the Valley. Swapped the engine back into the wreck and drove the two hours home to get some sleep before going to work which was an hours commute. Can't imagine doing that these days.

More to come on this subject...

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