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Greetings 60Plus members and perhaps friends. The picture for my profile is showing my wife of 40 years. We live in Southern Ontario in Canada. We have 3 married children and are about to be the proud grand parents of our 8th grandchild. Our kids and their families live around the world.

I have been interested in sim racing for many years and upon retirement I began to build a rig. My current hardware consists of an Obutto Rev3, an Accuforce Pro V2 and custom mounted to that base, two Derek Spears button boxes, pedals are HPP PRX SE's. 4 monitors, 3 for racing and 1 for Z1 dash information and telemetry data.

My work life began in my early twenties when I began a career as a professional fire fighter where I had steady employment into my 37th year before taking retirement.

I have always been interested in computers and technology and am currently really enjoying the 60Plus league and created this website to hopefully help spread the message of a great group of people who enjoy the sim racing world. If you are over 60 and care to join us you will find us on the IRacing forums and the league under the league tab at IRacing.