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Season 13 - Week 3 - Christmas
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A Visit to "Hogtown" from Nova Scotia
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Bruce Poole
Dec 14, 2018
Well I've now had my Rift for a couple of weeks but have only had the chance to do a few races and I have about the same thoughts as others who have chimed in on the subject. Nice clear sharp image is a big "no" but actually sitting in the car does it for me. I'll probably be disconnecting the other two screens soon to give me more space in my cave. There were a few things to set up in iracing like the mirror location etc. With 3 screens you didn't have to look away to see the mirror and F3 for instance but now I do have to glance up or down to see them which at first was awkward but after a bit of time it came natural. I too have been using Crewchief and its working out well so far and I like the female spotter as she keeps me calm. I have never felt any nausea while using the Rift but my wife tried it and didn't get far out of the pits before she parked it. I'm using 2 fans (wind simulator) from "Sim Racing Studio" on my rig and they seem to be doing a great job of keeping my face cool. Unlike Ken, mine was purchased from another Iracing friend in Montreal and he sent them off about the same time our postal service was starting rotating strikes so it sat in Montreal several days before heading east. I received it a couple of days before going away to visit my sister so didn't get to explore with it much until the past few days. At the moment it's a bit strange doing screenshots as I made good use of all 3 screens when editing them in Lightroom and Photoshop. I still have my old computer and am thinking of setting up a 2nd screen with it to make screenshots and car painting a bit easier. Lots of changes with the Rift but like others, I won't be going back to 3 screens.
Birth of the Skippy
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Bruce Poole

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