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I worked for nearly 30 years as a security guard in an office building in Chicago. Several years ago I took training in golf club fitting and repair. My golf club knowledge is much greater than my skill as a golfer. But now I am retired and I don't want to work. To really understand the level of stupidity a person can achieve if they put thier heart in it...about 30 years ago I worked with alligators and crocodiles and snakes. The scariest (dumbest) thing I did was the "Snapping Sam Show, which entailed putting my hand in a 12 foot alligators mouth and executing a "jaw pop" (triggering a very loud bite response that could be heard across most of the zoo). I am the last person to do that show, and yes I still have all of my limbs. When people ask "why did you do that?", I just look at them with the same puzzled expression I've always had.

Marcus Miller

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