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This image below was drawn when I was about 11 years old. The artist at Disneyland asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. My first answer was a "race car driver." He asked if I wasn't going to be a race car driver what would I want to be. I said the host of the Tonight Show (I wanted to be like Johnny Carson). The artist asked again, "if I wasn't going to be a race car driver, or Johnny Carson, what did I want to be. I said "a pastor." Well, that last one, is what God directed me to do. I've been ordained as a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) minister for over 33 years now and currently I'm serving a church in Texas. ( I grew up in Southern California. Covina was my home town. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and moved to New York City to work with the Presbyterian denomination. I went to seminary in Louisville KY and I have served churches in Kentucky, New Jersey, Georgia and now in TX. In college I did some racing with the Southern California Council of the SCCA. But about 14 years ago, my older brother and I went to Skip Barber 3 day (open wheel) racing school, at Laguna Seca . It was the thrill of my life. I've enjoyed 60 + Racing Adventures. Thanks for all who are involved in this league. It is fun to race with all of you.


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