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First race I attended was a Macon Speedway, Macon Ill in probably 1961. Local dirt track.

First road race Bridgehampton Double 500 1964 while in the Air Force. Spectated in 1967 RA CanAm and Indy 500 and Watkins Glen F1. Joined SCCA in Sourthen Cal in 1968. Worked corners until 1974 when I was invited to join the Stewards Program. I was a Steward until 1992 when I re-married and agreed to retire. Was Executive Steward for Southern Pacific Div in 1988 or so.

Crewed on SCCA B Sedan team. Crewed on various other teams from 1970 till 1992. Daytona 24hr, Playboy Endurance Series. Crewed on a Sprint Car in Colorado 83 and 84.

Raced BMW B Sedan in SCCA. Raced IT Toyota Carina in SCCA and ASRA.

First listened to NASCAR on the radio 1963 Daytona 500. Have watched or listened to 95% of the races since that time. Have followed Indy Car in the same manner since 1955.

Joel Martin