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Nice to be one of the young ones again snuck in a week early @ 59+.

Work: Bricklayer Builder, Mobile Mechanic, IT consultant

Retired early after illness, been around iRacing just over a year but not racing, consideration for others as I was loaded with morphine & Immunosuppressants most of my first year and confined to barracks.

Meant to try and get into sim racing a few times over the years but as a single working dad of 5 for over 15yrs never found the time, kids grew up & moved out & left a Play Seat & G27 here, so I adapted no way I could get in & out with seat almost on floor.

Drove Time Trials to keep myself entertained without ruining anyone else's SR & IR, only so many books to read, cannot stand the idiot box (TV) and often could not stand at all so I sat & drove a lot, (2500+TT's & 55,000+laps).

Downside 3x A licences & a C, without having raced on oval or dirt, first race on oval 60Plus wk13 Daytona tonight and I had to abandon half way through as leg cramped up HE pro throttle was set to hard & full throttle for practice & 20 minutes of race with only slight lifts locked leg up solid, now softened the throttle & no one died but me.

Time to learn one or two cars properly and stop being the jack of all trades, I knew it was wrong way to approach it, cars like SRF & L49 were great for curing my heavy right foot.

My only previous racing experience in real world on two 1/2" wheels at 90-120rpm pushing the pedals where heavy feet were a bonus.

See you on track soon, you cannot miss my car it will be the one with a nut loose behind the wheel!

Louis Cannell

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