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I've never raced before, although I've been a fan of racing my entire life. Racing for me started around 1968 at Riverside when my dad brought me to one of the major races there. We only lived a mile away from the track, so I mastered the art of climbing over the fence with my bike, and I would spend many days watching racing for free. I did the same for the first Long Beach Grand prix which was F5000 cars. Climbed over more fences than I care to count to watch the race. The next year, when they had the F1 cars, climbing fences was out of the question so I paid to watch. I joined the AF in 1977 and thankfully spent 15 years in Europe. During that time I saw races at all of the major UK tracks, Germany, and the Netherlands. While I Germany I met my wife from Espana and we were eventually married. We've been happily married for almost 24 years now. Shortly thereafter in 1998, I retired from the AF in Utah. We quickly realized that was not a state for us, so we left for 3 years on Okinawa Japan. What a wonderful assignment. After that we returned to Vandenberg AFB on the central coast of California. We love it here, so beautiful. I launched Minute Man III missiles and worked on the telemetry package for 5 years before moving on to contract management for huge (overly priced) range contracts. I retire from that in a week on 25 Sept 21 less than a month after I turn 62. I've been iRacing for at least 11 years, designed and built myself a nice rig with Fanatec gear, and now that I will finally be retired joined 60+ to enjoy some comradery with a group of people who likely share many simularities in life due to age and common appreciation for racing. I first requested joining the group 3 years ago while I was 59 but because of work, racing was pretty much out of the question, so this has been a long time coming.

Eric Block

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