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I've always been interested in almost any kind of motorsports. My father took me to early Nascar races at Daytona Speedway in my home state of Florida. Growing up I became very interested in motorcycles. Raced some motocross on 125cc class, rode some observed trials for a while, really enjoyed that.

Met a girl in 1974, married in '75, she still lets me hang around ;-). We have 8 grandchildren, all still live locally except for one who is in college in Denver, CO.

Being mechanically inclined all my life, I became a mechanic, starting with motorcycles, then construction equipment. I worked in the equipment rental business for 40 years before retiring in March of 2017.

I've always been a gadget freak and liked technology, bought my first computer in 1994, Packard Bell Legend 2000. When it wouldn't play the games I wanted to play on it I learned how to build my own custom computers that would.

My first passion was running Microsoft Flight Simulator, because I've also always been interested in aviation. Kept updating my computer rigs to keep up with Flight Simulators graphics demands.

In 2008 along came a racing sim called iRacing. I had been racing previously using the Papyrus Nascar Racing series. But iRacing was racing with other real people, not AI. So I purchased a Logitech G25 wheel and pedals and joined in September 2008. I invested in triple monitors about 5 years ago and modified my brake pedal with a Ricmotech load cell I think maybe 2 years ago.

I found 60 Plus Racing Adventures through a friend that I had raced with previously, Bruce Poole. He invited me to give it a try and have been having a blast racing with all these seasoned veterans ever since. I've been with the league for almost a year now and still look forward to each race and practice session.

Just got finished building a new computer for my pastime, hope it will last for 5-7 years before I have to update again.

My Rig: Intel i7 8700K, 32gb Corsair Dominator Mem., Asus X370 Tuff Gaming Pro MB, Asus Strix RX Vega 64 Radeon Graphics, 500gb Samsung EVO 960 NVMe M.2 SSD, Corsair 450D Case, Corsair H100i V2 Water Cooling, Corsair H1000i PS, Win 10 Pro, Logitech G25 Wheel and Pedals w/Ricmotech load cell mod, Triple Dell 23.5" monitors.