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My racing involvements was in Drag racing, from mid '60 to mid '70 (the good days). My career with an international company and the travel requirements forced me to change from participant to spectator, when overseas, I realized that road racing should have been my interest from day one.

Several years ago when I turned 70, my son upgraded his SIM rig set-up, and handed me down his "old" rig and XBox. Racing games such as Forza and Cars was fun but by this time my son was into iRacing and convince me to make the needed upgrade and race with real people.

Not having had real road race experience after 2+ year of iRacing, I reached a level that provided plenty of enjoyments other than the typical frustration of immature drivers bomb diving corners or worse.

When searching and trying several iRacing leagues, I stumbled on the "60PLUS Racing Adventures", now I finally fond a league that just like me!! Not so, these guy are good, real good but so far even with a 4 to 6 second deficit, its the clean and no constant swearing that I enjoy, I am targeting to reduce the delta, as I learn the racing lines from the faster drivers when watching the replays.

I thanks the organizers and the "pre-tune" setups offered.

2022 Its been 4 years already of joining this league, I dropped my delta by a couple seconds, but still need improvement in consistency. Majors errors on my part are noted to me, which I appreciate as being constructive. I schedule as much practice before every races.

Pierre "NorthenLight" Dionne

Pierre Dionne

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