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Jan 20, 2021
In Endurance Racing
Under the team name "Jabber" and "Jabber2", Russ Addie, Ragnar Winsloff, Donald Fitterer and myself, (and one youngster, Trevor Blackburn) will be competing in this weekends Daytona 24 hr Race 1 beginning at 8 PM EST. Russ will get the team started, followed by Donal, Randy and then back to Russ and Donal before Ragner and Trevor take over for the next 5 1/2 hours (as the Americans get some much needed rest). As the sun rises in the states, Donal will again take the reigns for 7 of the next 11 stints, aided by myself for 2 stints, and Ragnar for 2. Simultaneously, as that 6 1/2 hours goes by, Race 2 will have begun at 8:45 AM EST. Russ Addie is again scheduled to take the helm, followed by double stints from Trevor, Ragnar and Randy. Trevor and Randy will test their skills once more as Russ completes his final stints in Race 1. At approximately 4 PM EST, Ragnar jumps in Race 2 for a double stint, then rushes back to Race 1 for spotting and his final stints less than 30 minutes later. In race 1, Trevor drivers just before Ragnar's arrival and again immediately after. Donal is scheduled to get the car back just after 8 PM EST and drive to the finish. From 5 PM EST, Russ and Randy are scheduled to complete almost 8 hour of driving, Russ taking 4 double-stints, Randy driving 3. The final 7 1/2 hours of Race 2 will be completed by Ragnar and Trevor, who finishes the race, each doing 3 double-stints. That is the pre-race intentions. What actually happens, and the adjustments made will be anyone's guess. Just after the schedules were made, iRacing reduced the horsepower in the LMP2 Dallara P217. Original stints were estimated to be about 36 minutes each. The reduction may now allow us to run 1-2 laps more per stint, thereby throwing out the original plans; at least making it a necessity to make changes on the fly. We'll do our best and hope that we can bring home Jabber and Jabber2 cars successfully to each race's finish! Follow along with us from 8 PM EST Friday night until almost 9 AM Sunday morning.


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