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I'm new to this League, but have been a racing fan all my life. One of my youngest memories was Pole Day at the 1964 Indy 500 when Jimmy Clark, a rookie, won the Pole in a revolutionary car... a rear engine Lotus! For Indy, it was a turning point from the Offenhausers, that dominated for years, to rear-engine cars. It broke my heart when Jimmy Clark died. A few years later, Andy Granatelli's turbine powered car were also fun to hear and watch... oh, those golden years. Being raised in Indiana, IndyCar racing had significant impact in my life.

I've been a gear-head since i got my drivers licence! My first car was a 1968 SS396 Camero that my dad and I spent too much time and money making faster, oh what fun! Certainly a car I wish I still had. I drove SCCA Solo events and hillclimbs for years and took my road racing course at Skip Barber Laguna Seca... what a trill! I joined iRacing in 2012 and, besides this league, I drive for DogBear in the Majors Series, and Pete Ramberg's Open Lite IndyCar League. However, i rarely drive in open iRacing events.

Happily married for 20 years, I and have 2 adult kids from a previous marriage, 2 adult-step kids, and 6 grandkids! In 2007, I also had my 27 yr old son die unexpectedly... that was, and still is, tough. But, life has been good, love my family, and I will retire in April 2021. Yahoo! I've been with the same company for 30 years, so its time to redirect my focus.

My wife and I love to travel and have been to Europe a couple of times (Italy and Scotland are our favs), several islands in the Bahamas, China, Japan, Africa, Isreal, Egypt, and even Cuba. We're also foodies and love fine food and wine. Our next trip will be back to Hawaii, later during 2021 assuming Covid-19 gets under control.

Richard McClure

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