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Steve Isaacs
Jan 30, 2019
In General
Over the past several weeks I've developed trigger finger, an inflammation of the tendons in the hand causing the movement of fingers or thumb to catch. My doctor told me it's a symptom of repetitive stress. Initially, I thought it was from shoveling snow but this has been a really mild snow year for us. Then I wondered maybe it's the number of times I lift my coffee cup. Then, after some self talk about denial, I realized that it's much more likely the amount of time I've been spending gripping the sim racing wheel. At the same time I have a project I need to focus on which is curtailing my practice time as well. Because of these two things I've decided to apply the philosophy of "if it hurts don't do that" and am sitting on the side lines for a while. I'm a software guy so maybe there's something I can do to help out with the league?

Steve Isaacs

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