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I'm a retired software engineer with a passion and now the time for racing. I've raced snowmobiles, go-carts and RC cars but never had the opportunity to grab a seat in a full-scale car. Sim racing and iRacing in particular are a great way for me to satisfy that urge.

In addition to being a career software engineer I'm a published photographer specializing in motorcycles (which my wife and I

both ride whenever we have the time). I've also produced a few wedding videos (with my wife) and a bit of music. (see picture of my wife on her bike)

I was extremely happy to have found the 60+ league and to learn that Pro Mazda is the car. I love open wheel. I'm not a setup guru at all so was really happy to see fixed setups. I'm looking forward to some quality racing and am sure I will be taught many lessons in the future. Currently, I'm not trying for fast but rather focusing on consistent and safe. Fast is later. So... you will likely see me shrinking in your rear view -- for a while.

On iRacing I'm Steve Isaacs.

Steve Isaacs
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