Established in 2016 by Mr. Donald W. Strout, and now in it’s 15th season, the 60+ Racing Adventure league will welcome all serious iRacing drivers who will be 60 and over by December 2020.

There are no other entry conditions, except maybe tolerance to other’s mistakes, clean racing attitude and sense of humor.

Whatever is your level of driving skills, you are sure to find a group of drivers in the pack with whom you can compete and have fun. For those who are new to the PM-18 or the Impala SS, veteran league members will gladly help with tips and suggestions during practice sessions or in this forum.

For the Road Championship, league provided fixed setups will be used, running the new PM-18 (Indy Pro 2000), with Driver and Team Championships at stake. Season 15 will include 13 events of two sprint races each, 10 on road courses and 3 on oval tracks.

The Oval Championship will feature the Chevy Impala SS (Arca Menards Series) , also using fixed setups. The Driver Championship will be disputed over a schedule of 13 single weekly races.

Statistics, results, and images provided by Richard Coulombe.