Season 2

Posted in iRacing Forums by Donald Strout - April 12, 2017

Final Season Points/Standings

1 Donald Strout - - 173
2 Jos van de Ven - - 158
3 Andy Morgan - - 123
4 Remigio Di Pasqua - 120 LHP Champion!!! Complimente!!!
5 Richard Coulombe - 107 2nd LHP
6 Jim Oliver 0 5 3 - 103 3rd LHP

From Forums Gianni Raspaldo April 13, 2017

First, my congratulations to the top 3 winners of the two series:
Donald, Jos and Andy for HHP series
Remigio, Richard and Jim for LHP series
In particular, I am very happy for Remigio.
However, I congratulate all because it was a great season in good company.
Sorry for not having been present in the last two races and especially that of Indy,I will certainly okay with my problems for next season, so be prepared and be worried about.
As for the format I completely agree with the proposals by Donald (including $ 10) and also with the proposal by Andy